Push for pump track

Push for pump track

Circular Head locals are pushing for a pump track to be installed in the area to provide a safe and inclusive play space within the town boundary.

A pump track is a series of rollers and berms (the rollers are the bumps or small hills in the track, and the berms are the corners). The idea is that you are able to get enough momentum (the pumping up and down over the rollers and berms) to ride the track without the need to pedal.

Local Tess House is heading the push, highlighting that many of the youths in the region believe there is nothing to do in Circular Head. She says the idea has stemmed from seeing the success of other tracks across Tasmania and the amount of people that travel to utilise them across the coastline.

It provides a place for positive interactions and engagement and becomes an inter-generational space for all community members, from families with young kids on balance bikes, to our youth, and right through to those still chasing a thrill,” she said.


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