Protecting or harming our heritage?

Protecting or harming our heritage?

Preparations for the annual Bob Brown Foundation takayna Trail marathon race day, which was set for Saturday March 20 and included pre-race dinner and registrations on Friday March 19 in takayna/Tarkine, north west Tasmania has come to a halt after months of preparation, with Forestry Tasmania [Sustainable Timber Tasmania] denying access to the iconic marathon to be held on public lands.  

“Sustainable Timber Tasmania has advised the organisers of a trail running event that it does not provide land manager’s consent for their event to occur on Permanent Timber Production Zone land,” a STT spokesperson said.

“The organiser currently conducts and has a history of conducting unsafe and unauthorised activity on Permanent Timber Production Zone land. 

“The publicly advertised primary purpose for this event is to raise money to support activities hindering the management of Permanent Timber Production Zone land and therefore is not supported by Sustainable Timber Tasmania.”

The Bob Brown Foundation has vowed to fight the denial of access and are calling on Premier Gutwein to step in and overturn this decision. 

Local Woman of the West Eunice Atkins is quite happy the run is not going ahead, although believes the run itself is a good idea, its the cause she has issue with.

With the cost of entering the race and the required fundraising efforts, Eunice says the money raised, estimated to be over $100,000 would be fantastic, if it was saving our local heritage, rather than locking it up in National Parks.

The Arthur Pieman Management Advisory Committee held discussions and correspondence with the Bob Brown Foundation and have no significant issues with the actual Tarkine Run that has occurred over the past few years. 

This event has increased the exposure of the beauty of the area outside of Circular Head and Nationwide and has also supported business in the area. 

The event however does create an extended work load on the local Parks and Wildlife Officer and added stress on the local facilities which are funded out of the areas Parks and Wildlife Business Enterprise. This Business Enterprise has limited streams of income, basically from Camping Permits, 4WD recreation passes and cattle agistment fees into the area. 

“The APMAC has a management role on the expenditure of these direct funds, with this in mind and the knowledge that the Bob Brown Foundation raised significant funs from the run the APMAC took the view it would be beneficial if some of these funds raised in the area could be funnelled directly back to improving the area and the experience for everyone,” Chairperson Lauchland Avery said.

“ For example better toilets, camping parking and access. The Bob Brown Foundation has not been forthcoming with any donation to directly support the area but appears to believe these fund are better utilised in funding protests and advancing a push for an extended National Park including the Arthur Pieman, which from our considerable consultation is against the wishes of the vast majority of the other stakeholders and individuals that regularly use and visit the area.”