Red-dy to rebuild

Red-dy to rebuild

The Redpa Football Club has unveiled this year’s coaches ahead of the Circular Head Football Association season. 

The new look coaching panel are raring to go, with Ashton Bransden and assistant Woody French tasting Seniors coaching experience for the first time.

French ensured that the club were “looking to go deep into finals this season, but we’ll take it one week at a time” after a few disappointing years. 

“The best thing about it is that we’ve got an enjoyable group of mates that like playing footy . . . hopefully the rest will look after itself.” 

Newly recruited Seniors coach Bransden said that numbers were looking good following his return to the club after a four-year hiatus in the Gold Coast.

“We’ve got a lot of old players coming out of the woodwork, as well as a few new players around the club which is always good to see.”

French was eager to start his new role, saying that he felt he was capable due to previous coaching experience and with a strong team behind him.

“There’s a lot of good people at the club, a lot of experienced ex-players and coaches around, I’m sure they’ll help out if need be,” French said. 

“There’s always been a good culture down there, it’s very family based and a lot of us grew up in Redpa.”

French played for Redpa for eight years before playing two years for Yeoman and then five years for the Smithton Football Club. His football career also includes North West Junior Football League coaching experience with the Circular Head Giants’ Under 14 side. 

Ashton has coached the Redpa Under 17 side in the past, before moving to the Gold Coast. 

The new Seniors head coach is excited about the role and eager to get started following his long awaited return to his country club in Tasmania. 

Seasoned Redpa veteran Zach Bransden says that the club is looking to return to its former glory and achieve success in the years to come. 

“These two boys are good footballers and good blokes, I reckon they’ll get the job done,” he says.

“Some changes need to be made, we want to go upwards from here. 

“The club has worked hard to keep football in Circular Head alive, we want people in the community to have somewhere to play football, and for their kids to have somewhere to play football.”

The club has also announced Joseph Armstrong and Kent Anderson as Reserves coaches, Steve Poulter and Chris Smith as Under 17 coaches, Jonathan Arnold as Under 14 coach and April Jackson as coach of the Under 10.

Redpa Football Club is hosting a meet the coaches day at Redpa on Sunday February 24. There will be a light training for the Under 10 and Under 14 sides at 10.30am and then a second session for Under 17, Reserves and Seniors, followed by a barbecue. 

A new look coaching panel of Under 17 coach Steve Pouter, and Seniors coach Woody French and assistant Ashton Bransden is looking to achieve big things in the Circular Head Football Association this year. Picture: Isaac Popowski.