John Crabtree Sanitair

John Crabtree Sanitair

Hello, my name is John Crabtree and I have lived in north western Tasmania all my life. 

I am returning to work after having a liver transplant due to an inherited faulty gene. 

My background was in servicing the dairy farm industry in quality control and problem solving so  farmers were not losing money due to quality issues. 

My wife and I discussed the future and thought that Sanitair would be a good opportunity. We were not aware that our airconditioner needed to be cleaned regularly and when it was cleaned we couldn’t believe the amount of ‘black tar’ that came out – and it now works so much better! 

We realised many others don’t know of the need to clean either. The premium clean saves on power bills and avoids unnecessary early replacement. 

While we enjoy the comforts of modern airconditioners, it is important to take steps to ensure they are properly maintained. By ensuring airconditioners in modern buildings and our homes remain free of biological contamination, we can go a long way towards improving the health and quality of our indoor environments.

Benefits of a Sanitair Premium Split System Clean and Sanitise:

  • Removes harmful mould and bacterial contamination
  • Improves indoor air quality
  • • Improves air flow
  • Reduces energy costs by up to 28 per cent
  • Extends the life of your airconditioner
  • • Plus a 12 month mould free guarantee

Mould spores are one of the most common micro-organisms found lurking in airconditioning systems. Mould is a known trigger of asthma. Symptoms of exposure to mould can be a stuffy nose or watery eyes, but in some cases exposure to mould spores can be much more serious. Vacuuming filters is not enough to remove contamination from airconditioners. The real problems lie in the areas you can’t reach: the coil, fan, drain pan and drain line are all moist environments where bacteria thrive.

To ensure the air we breathe from our airconditioners is always safe we need the benefits of a Sanitair Premium airconditioner cleaning service. We use environmentally friendly, biodegradable and non-toxic products.

The potential to save the community money on the unnecessary replacement of airconditioners and reduce sick days by breathing clean air is our priority. Medical centres, child care centres, schools, restaurants, gyms, dental surgeries, hotels and commercial shops are required to ensure they meet the Australian Standards AS/NZS 3666 in relation to the cleaning of airconditioners.

Breath clean healthy air with Sanitair, it’s guaranteed! Beat the summer heat, keep warm in winter and save money! Call me now 1800 130 168 or visit us