Designing a better life

Designing a better life

Savannah Denny is a young woman on a mission, to breathe new life into homes and businesses across the north-west.

When Savannah moved to Smithton just over eight months ago, launching an interior design business in a small, tight-knit community felt like a huge risk.

But it's paid off.

After the launch of the Jayde & Co salon remodel, Savannah says the projects have continued to flow, 'This community is amazing when it comes to word-of-mouth. Almost every project

leads to one more, and the work is so diverse'.

As a professional interior designer, Savannah creates interiors that are beautiful, functional, and safe. 'I'm trained to think of things that many people don't consider when starting a renovation or new build,' she says, 'We all know how annoying it is to try and cook or work in a bad light but, lighting is often a last minute consideration by my clients but is always at the very top of my list for every project!'

It's this next level of thinking that saves clients so much time and effort.

'My clients don't have to spend tonnes of time scrolling through images or searching websites for the best deal,' she says, 'I bring solutions to them. I love presenting a design and seeing the relief on their face when they realise how much time (and frustration) they've saved.'

Savannah attributes her design edge to the hard yards spent studying a Bachelor of Environmental Design (interior design) and previous role working with a custom joiner in Launceston, 'I don't just make things look pretty, I create spaces that make everyday life easier.'

Find out more about Savannah Denny Designs at or follow her on Instagram or facebook @savannah_denny_designs.