Developing a new space

Developing a new space

Jayde and Co Hair Salon is looking fresh as ever after undergoing renovations in just one week.

Purchasing the salon formerly known as Snipits Hair and Beauty on November 1 2018, Jayde Birtwistle has made a variety of changes to the salon in her eight months in charge.

But she couldn’t have done it without the help of interior designer Savannah Denny.

Jayde has implemented an online booking system as well as a mobile app to make life easy for those looking to book appointments. Four new members have also been welcomed to the team.

Savannah Denny, director of Savannah Denny Designs, formed her business in September 2018, servicing Smithton and other towns along the coast.

The pair crossed paths shortly after Jayde had purchased the business and planned to band together to form a beautiful new-look salon within the community.

Jayde and Savannah spent seven months designing and organising their new look space.

Committed to closing the doors for just seven days, the pair had to ensure everything was right ready to go before renovations commenced.

It was a hectic week but the pair pulled through, opening the doors to the public for a few hours last Sunday.

Both Savannah and Jayde were excited to show off their new look salon to the community, providing nibblies and beverages to all who came out to see their new space over the weekend.

“I’m very proud of the transformation Jayde and I have completed,” says Savannah.

“It’s been a bunch of fun working on this project.”

Jayde is relieved to have finished the salon’s makeover and is proud to have completed it with another independent business owner.