Young leaders learning

Young leaders learning

The Circular Head Youth Leaders embarked on a camp to the Riverbend Youth Centre over the weekend as part of a JCP Youth event.

Former local police officer Will Smith held a seminar with the CHYL members, the session running from 9am - 3pm.

Iris Cartwright attended the camp, and was encouraged by the event.

“We had Will Smith from JCP Youth come down for a session which ran from 9am - 3pm. He spent the day with us going over leadership skills and positive things we can use to develop our skills and personalities to strengthen our connection to youth and how we perform as leaders within our community. . . Will spoke to us about a variety of leadership skills and ways to empower not only ourselves, but the youth within our community as well.”

The event was also an opportunity for members to discuss present issues in the community and talk openly about what mattered to them.

“We had a lot of practical situations that we went over, which really helped us understand how to go about different situations and how to work through things in the best way possible.

“We did different things, such as big group discussions and discussed further opportunities and decisions on what we can do for CHYL and the youth in our community.”

After the session the 26 CHYL members spent time with each other, playing activities and bonding during free time.

“We had free time and activities, which strengthened our connections to help have a more efficient team.

“It was a really good opportunity for all of us youth leaders to come together and develop our skills as a person in the community who can assist the youth with their needs.”