Not in north west Tassie

Not in north west Tassie

Opposition to fish farming around Tasmania has increased steadily in recent months, as proven by a Surf Not Salmon paddleout event hosted by Surfrider Tasmania on Sunday at Godfreys Beach.

More than 200 people from across the north west attended the event, gathering in protest to potential fish farm developments off the coast of Stanley.

Protestors travelled all the way from Marrawah and from as far as Deloraine to show their support, gathering to hear from Independent Candidate for Braddon Craig ‘Garbo’ Garland and Greens Senator Peter Whish-Wilson.

Then it was on to the beach to gather in a circle, led by Whish-Wilson through a number of chants including “Surf waves, not rubbish,” and “No fish farms.”

After that, 30 boarders took to the ocean to gather in a circle off the coast for what is known as a paddleout, an iconic symbol of surf culture.

A circle is formed in the ocean, often to memorialise lost loved ones and friends, but in this case remembering the pristine coastlines of north west Tasmania that could be destroyed if the project goes ahead, Whish-Wilson explained.

The event was held as one of several scattered around Tasmania, with strong turnouts recorded at all according to event organiser Jeff Power.

“I was pleased to see so many turn up, it was a great turnout,” he said.

“Hopefully they take notice.”