An eggscellent head for business

An eggscellent head for business

Deah Grey is an innovative 14 year old, forging a name for herself in the local community.

Living on her family’s dairy farm at Edith Creek she has spent the last few months getting herself all set up with her own egg business.

Deah had six chickens that were laying too many eggs for them to eat, so she was giving them away.

“I decided I’d research what I would have to do to be able to sell my eggs, I had to get my own ABN and register Deg’s Eggs as my business name,” she said.

“I contacted DPIPWE to go through the process to get my egg stamp.”

“We had just moved to the new farm and there was a big orchard area and a chook house with plenty of room for more chooks,” Deah said.

“So I sold my beef calves, that gave me the money to buy my new chooks, sheds, nesting boxes and some extra fencing. I now have 36 chickens.”

Most of Deah’s chooks are Isa Browns and they are very good layers. Her favourite chook is Celia Patricia Davids. 

“I’ve only named five others. They’re all friendly and come running to me,” she said.

Going out at 6:30am every morning to let them out and feed them grain, she then goes out again at dark to lock them up to protect them from cats and quolls. 

Deah sells her eggs to family, friends and her teachers as well as at the Sweet Life @ Edith Creek shop. 

“I think my chooks lay well and are healthy because they're happy chooks,” Deah said.

“I spend a lot of time with them, feed them well and they are free range.”

Deah Grey has registered her business Deg’s Eggs and is proudly supplying local business and families with her free range product.