Finding the perfect wave

Finding the perfect wave

Sarah Prior fell in love with Marrawah the second she saw it. Originally hailing from Northern California Sarah has lived all over the world, calling Marrawah home since 2007.

First hitting the surf scene at 17, Sarah says she was a latecomer to the water having lived in forested  and rural areas growing up.

Moving to Santa Barbara with a friend Sarah fell in love with the ocean and so began her relationship with the surf and finding the perfect wave.

“It could’ve not happened,” Sarah said.

“Growing up in a rural area with parents who didn’t surf. It’s hard to get into as a fully grown adult.

“It takes a lot of time, you need to surf every day to do it well.”

Sarah says she was lucky to be right at that age where she still had a bit of time to waste, before life takes over.

After touring Tasmania Sarah and husband Nigel knew they had found their place as soon as they stopped at Marrawah.

"in many ways, Circular Head is better than Hawaii from my perspective,” Sarah said.

“Marrawah is a really special gift, its surroundings are idyllic, if you can handle the wind and the cold.”

Sarah says joining in the West Coast Classic as a competitor was more of a ‘if you can’t beat them join them moment’.

“It’s no fun sitting on the beach watching.”

With women’s surfing rising through the ranks of sport over the last 10 years, Sarah says that surfing ticks a lot of boxes for her.

“Its mental and physical wellness, it’s scientific, I don’t look at it as a sport.

“I have no athletic ability just a love of the ocean, the exploration of finding new waves, better waves.”

For those looking for something new to try Sarah encourages following your interests.

“If you follow what you’re interested in, not what you’re good at it will lead to the right path to your life,” she said.

“Marrawah is really precious, we found paradise.”