Learning on the job

Learning on the job

As part of her studies at Smithton High School, Year nine student Charli Grainger has been delving into the inner workings of the local newspaper.

My name is Charli Grainger and I am a student at Smithton High School. 

This year as one of my elective classes I chose Work Placement, which is where you get the opportunity to be put in a workplace one day a week for a certain amount of weeks. 

This term, I chose to do my work placement at the Circular Head Chronicle. During my time at the Chronicle I have had so many opportunities, like the opportunity to go out into the community to deliver Chronicles.

I was able to go to Circular Head Christian School and Emmerton Park to take photos that were going to be featured in the Chronicle

I learnt so many new things such as how the Chronicle is edited, how the advertisements get put into the Chronicle and even learnt how to do a spreadsheet for the businesses that are going to be advertising. 

I even played a part in helping with the Christmas Chronicle

I went back through some older Chronicles and went through pictures of past parades to pick out some images to create a parades of the past for this year’s Christmas Chronicle seeing as there will be no proper parade. 

While doing my work placement at the Circular Head Chronicle, I have had a boost of confidence in trying new things and also realised it isn’t bad to go out in the community and take a deeper look into what is going on. 

One day I would like to pursue a career in this industry because I found it very enjoyable and very interesting and it is also a very fun job to have.