100 years of love and strength

100 years of love and strength

Ivy Furphy has been counting down the days until her 100th birthday and the day has finally arrived.

Celebrating at Emmerton Park on Tuesday October 7, Ivy was surrounded by her loved ones as they marked the memorable occasion with a telegram from The Queen, and birthday messages from the Prime Minister and the Premier of Tasmania, among others.

Ivy sat while her telegrams were read, remarking over each one with pleasure.

“For several years Mum has expressed her desire to live until she is 100,” daughter Jan Evans said.

“At 98 she looked at her cake and said two more years!”

Ivy was born on October 7, 1920 at Allen Creek, the third of four children to parents Andrew and Lucy Blanch.

She spent her childhood catching lobster and blackfish in the creek, milking cows by hand and loved to skip and skip just to see how fast she could go.

Ivy loved going to school and left at age 13 after passing her merit exam. She was a hard worker and worked on the family farm before helping to care for the children of Sheila Moore.

Ivy married Leslie Furphy in 1940 and they made their first home in a little shack at Mawbanna, not far from Dip Falls.

Ivy went on to have six children, with seven grandchildren, 17 great grandchildren and three great, great grandchildren to follow.

Ivy found joy in the simple pleasures of life. Gardening, fishing and family.

After living through the ‘great depression’, Ivy passed on to her family the need to be grateful and thankful for everything.

The many things that Ivy has seen over her 100 years is quite a lot to think about, from the introduction of hydro power, no more kerosene lamps, her first washing machine, their first motorised vehicle, which was a tractor. What a sight! the family all loaded into the carry-all and off to church to see their friends.

There are many stories and memories of Ivy’s 100 years with celebrations focussing on the wonderful, caring mum who is self sacrificing and always helping and caring for others.

“We celebrate your strength, courage and determination to keep going,” Jan said in her tribute.

“Your good sense, beautiful smile, the tons of prayers you have prayed for us all and last but not least, the unconditional love you have given to us all.”