Trailer for the future

Trailer for the future

The Circular Head Pony Club has received a show jumping trailer as part of the Stronger Community Programs Grant and its good news for everyone involved.

Before receiving the trailer the club was storing the show jumps and wings in an open shed, exposed to the weather. Not only was this bad for the longevity of the equipment, it was having a large impact on rally’s and training days. 

Before jumping on a horse and trotting around the track, everyone at the club had to pitch in, picking up the heavy poles from ankle height and walking them by hand in pairs of two to where the showjumping course would be set up for the day’s competition.

It also meant that the jumps were practically confined to the Pony Club grounds on Montagu road, with the poles being difficult to transport and relying on volunteers if they ever needed moving.

“The weight and size of the poles was becoming a real safety issue,” explains Secretary Jenny Poke.

“Especially when members young and old had to carry them to the ground.”

Now on wheels, the poles can be utilised easily across Circular Head if need be and can travel to other clubs for One Day Events if required.

“The purchasing of this trailer has now benefited our local riders and the equestrian community along the north west as a whole, because now other places can utilise them such as the Stanley show.”

The club applied for the $15,500 grant in October, with COVID holding up the process, but when the money came in the club wasted no time in ordering a custom built jumping trailer put together by the team at Smithton Metalworx.

“They’ve done a fantastic job with it,” said District Officer Leighton Poke. 

The trailer is a unique shape and size and holds 70 poles as well as 40 jump wings which are used to fix the poles to.

Some of the grant money was also used to galvanise the wings to enhance their lifespan. All of the painting was done by Circular Head Bodyworks, keeping all of the grant money in the region.

“We were so lucky to receive this grant,” said Jenny. 

“The best thing about it now is the riders have longer to learn. Setup took a lot of time but now more of that time can be spent riding, it’s just so much easier.”