Tradies pull up their socks

Tradies pull up their socks

Clark Windows workers have rallied behind a good cause, purchasing and wearing pink beanies and socks to wear as part of the Breast Cancer Network of Australia’s Pink Tradie fundraiser.

When labourer Kyle Everett heard that one of his footy mates, Tristan McCulloch, was running the campaign after the loss of his mum earlier that year, it didn’t take long for him to pitch the idea with a few of his close mates at work.

Sensing an opportunity co-worker and leading hand in the window and doors factory Hobie Rutter wanted to get involved and began to suggest to other workers that they should get involved too.

“I thought what [Kyle] was doing was a good cause and decided I’d use my influence to try and get a few more or our co-workers on board,” explained Hobie.

“I was saying to people, hey, one of our workmates’ best mates has just lost his mum to breast cancer, do you want to jump on board?”

It didn’t take long for the pink gear to gain momentum and Hobie was soon buzzing about the admin block, suggesting the office staff participate too.

Launching the campaign on Facebook, Tristan said “Unfortunately my beautiful mother Annette lost her six year battle [with cancer] earlier this year.

“She was a teacher, principal, daughter, sister, aunty, mother and she was the light of my life. My mother might [have] lost her battle but my family and I are here to fight the war for her.”

Acknowledging the impact that the loss of a loved one to cancer can have, Hobie was happy to help.

“I know if that was me and I’d lost someone close to me I’d want people to help out however they could,” Hobie explained.

“I would have sold items to over 50 people I reckon.”

The staff at Clark Windows have managed to raise $1300 for BCNA amongst themselves.

All of the staff at Clark Windows have raised $1300 among themselves as part of the BCNA Pink Tradie campaign after one of the worker’s best mates lost his mum to cancer earlier this year.