Changing communities

Changing communities

National Volunteering Week begins on May 18 and couldn’t be at a more fitting time.

Wyndarra’s volunteer coordinator Libby Billett says although there will be no celebrations at the centre this year, volunteering happens every day in many different ways.

This year’s theme Changing Communities, Changing Lives speaks volumes as people all around Circular Head adapt to the changing world around them in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Libby says while many of their volunteers were given the choice to keep working many chose to stay home and save lives, and given that many of the volunteer roles included driving to appointments etc, these roles were currently not required.

“Even though volunteering efforts are currently not like previous years, there is incidental volunteering done every day,” said Libby.

“Checking on your neighbour, bringing in their wheelie bin, dropping off groceries.”

Libby says Wyndarra is most definitely still working, there have been some restructuring around the building to allow for the restrictions but they are open to the public and offering support in the community where needed.

Libby says volunteering is a terrific way to give back to the community.

“Going forward into a post COVID community, volunteering would be a great way to lift spirits, it’s a great way to establish friendships and can give a lot of personal satisfaction.”

Wyndarra’s previous years celebrations for volunteer’s week has been a growing affair, last year including volunteers from other organisations, all coming together to celebrate. Libby says next year they will plan a party bigger than Ben Hur.