Walking for a cause

Walking for a cause

With an initial goal of $2000 in mind Smithton High School’s Relay for Life team leaders have already been blown away by the generosity of the school community to aid their quest.

When Hayden ‘Roach’ Ralston casually handed over a cheque for more than $4500 to the Student Council in charge of the fundraising they were stunned.

“We weren’t expecting it at all,” said Taya Schuuring.

“It was completely off his own back, he was very casual about it,” added Harriet Perry.

The students are very grateful and encourage others in the community to add to the cause.

As a big part of their leadership as school executive councillors, the students are tasked with organising the fundraising events and planning the schedules surrounding the Relay for Life. They will also host a barbecue for team members during the event to feed those resting in-between laps of the recreation ground.

The Friday prior to the Relay for Life event will see a parade of purple and yellow as all students are encouraged to dress in cancer council colours for a gold coin donation in support of the event. There will be snags on the barbecue and food and drinks available for purchase. 

In honour of the 20th anniversary of Relay for Life there will be a coin drive in which each class is challenged to make the longest line of 20c coins in order to win a prize and bragging rights. 

Following the Relay for Life a mini relay will be held at the school for those students who are unable to participate, with additional funds to be added to the final tally for the school team.

Deciding to participate in the Relay for Life was an easy one for the executive council, having joined the relay in previous years it is an opportunity for the year 10 students to show those coming up through the grades that what they do matters.

“It also shows the community that we care,” said Ky Febey.

“And that younger people understand the effect cancer can have,” said Shayarna Cohen.

With a goal of having 100 team members, Smithton High School is well on its way with 34 registered and the figure climbing daily. Anyone can join the team by heading to the Relay for Life website and searching Smithton High School, alternatively you can pop into the school office to sign up or register your interest as a volunteer with Ali Dennison or Tim Dunham.

Smithton High School’s Relay for Life organisers Taya Schuuring, Ky Febey, Harriet Perry, Gypsy Sweetman, Shayarna Cohen and Gypsy Dunstan are blown away by the support of the school and their community as the Relay for Life event nears.