Colt’s controversial win

Colt’s controversial win

The Circular Head Colts are Cricket North West champions after a controversial win in Stanley against Wynyard on March 8.

The Colts lost the toss and bowled first. They had early momentum as Zac Spinks took an early wicket, but wasn’t backed up at the other end, as Wynyard put on another 80 before a sneaky runout caused the partnership to break. 

In trouble and with their heads down, only a few bowlers were able to claim wickets. 

Kalon Nicholls (1/45), Kade Hardy (1/25), Solomon Tuxworth (1/34) and Zac Spinks (1/31) prevented Wynyard from achieving a monumental total, but with 194 set to chase, the Colts didn’t have it easy.

Openers Kade Hardy and Jotham Saward both put on 15 each, but fell early after a 25 run opening stand. 

Zac Spinks looked to back up his 45 from his previous game, but played all around a swinging yorker and had his off stump pulled out of the ground first ball. 

Watching the carnage unfold from the other end, captain Eli Bellinger dug in and put on the innings of his life, having important partnerships with Tait Ollington (6) and Kalon Nicholls (27) to get the Colts back in it. 

Bellinger retired with a stunning 50 leaving it to the bottom order to get the job done.

With three wickets in hand and 35 runs needed off six overs, Solomon Tuxworth (16) and Rylee Popowski (6) did their best, but the Colts ended up nine down with 13 runs needed off the last over. 

Bellinger returned but was unable to find the boundary, handing the strike to tail ender Eli Arnold, who had an average of 0.67 for the season. 

Arnold blocked the ball and ran. The bowler then sent a ball down to Bellinger, who missed, but immediately raised his hands to signal a wide to the umpire, and the umpire agreed as a wide was called. 

With four byes and a sundry due to a no ball, Bellinger had an opportunity to win the game with three runs needed for the win, two for a tie. 

Bellinger had a big swing and a miss as the ball went through to the keeper. Arnold trotted down to complete a single as the keeper took the bails off but Arnold was still in the crease. 

Belinger called for Arnold to run, as he steamed back from the other end. Arnold scurried through, completing the second for the tie. 

With Wynyard confused and the umpires in all sorts on what to do, it was eventually decided that the runs would count. This gave the Colts the championship as they finished higher on the ladder than Wynyard. 

The Colts would like to thank Coach Nic Bellinger for all his efforts for the season, it couldn't have been done without him, and hope they can see him return again next season.