Another win for Arnold

Another win for Arnold

Britney Arnold has cleaned up yet another win after taking out the Grade 3 Juniors title at a one day event in Inglis on Sunday January 19.

The event is graded across three disciplines, dressage, cross country and show jumping.

“After dressage I was sitting third with a 3.5 point gap between myself and the leader,” said Arnold.

With the cross country leg of the event up next, Arnold knew she was a good chance to steal a few points off the leader before heading into the final leg.

“Cross country is my favourite for sure,” said Britney.

“You get a really big adrenaline rush, it’s really cool.”

During cross country riders take on a course that includes a variety of different obstacles that offer a unique set of challenges.

“You’re at a high speed and you have to try and get your horse set, I love the pace of it.”

Arnold was switched on from the get go and managed to escape the cross country leg with a perfect score, bringing it all down to show jumping.

Though she was nervous, Arnold knew if she kept a level head she was a good chance at knocking off the leader.

Disaster struck when her horse Barney, or Gothic Crown when performing, took out a pole on one of the jumps.

The run was otherwise flawless, and Arnold took out the event.

With a strong performance in Inglis now behind her, Arnold will look forward to another ODE in Smithton on February 9 before one last event in Burnie.

After that, it’s a massive road trip to Huntingfield Pony Club in Hobart for her second attempt at the State Trials.

Arnold hopes that her brilliant performances at the Stanley Show and in Inglis will hold her in good stead to have a good crack at the State Title.

Britney Arnold and her horse Gothic Crown were impressive in Inglis on Sunday January 19, finishing first of 20 in the Grade 3 Juniors class. Photo courtesy of TDE Performance Team Select Photography.