Strength and support

Strength and support

Cooper Horton has been a beacon of strength for his family since his diagnosis of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. 

It was this time last year when the fit and healthy 17-year-old’s complexion began to pale. 

Noticing this, mum Jodie Wainwright worried but Cooper assured, he felt fine. 

Gradually, Cooper began to notice a shortness of breath during every day activities. He now knows he completed a family hike at Sisters Beach with a collapsed lung. 

When Cooper drastically dropped eight kilograms of bodyweight in one week, he sought doctor’s advice. He was hurried to Burnie and then on to Hobart. 

The family, still unaware of the cancer, waited on blood tests and scans and Cooper was operated on to stabilise his lung. 

The tests revealed a tumour in his lymph nodes. 

A month in Melbourne followed before returning to Hobart where he has travelled to and from for months since for chemotherapy and later, failing that, radiation therapy. 

Betty and Mervyn Kay last week donated $1100 from money raised from the couple’s Christmas lights display in December. The money will likely go towards accommodation as Cooper continues to undergo numerous scans and treatment every three months and has a five year medical plan now mapped out for him. 

“Cooper has stayed strong throughout it all,” said Jodie. 

He attributes this to the support of his friends and family, including twin Logan and sister Jorja. 

“I do have moments where I break down on my own,” he said. “But I do try to stay strong.” 

Jodie Wainwright with son Cooper Horton, 17, received a donation of $1100 from Betty and Mervyn Kay last week, as Cooper continues his battle with Hodgkin’s lymphoma.