Legen-dairy ladies

Legen-dairy ladies

We’ve all heard the stereotypes about farms and the men who work on them, but what about the women who stand by them? 

For many, farm work is more than an occupation and it doesn’t take long for living on a farm to start having an impact on everything you do. 

It’s easy to lose touch with your mates or to find time to get away from the property or catch up with friends. With that in mind, the North West Legendairy Women’s Group was born. 

Established in the late ’90s and originally known as No Bull, the group was a social outlet for female farmers. After a short hiatus, the group has returned feeling revitalised and with a name that reflects the ‘Legendairy’ status of its members. 

Every third Wednesday of the month dairy women from all over north west Tasmania gather to discuss life as a farmer. 

The group covers a range of topics including bookkeeping, accounting systems, calf rearing and pasture management and provides an outlet for advice and insight into what other farms are doing.

DairyTas extension officer Elizabeth Mann said that the group is an important part of the lives of many of its members.

“It’s about providing support for women as well as access to information,” said Elizabeth.

“Dairy farming can be quite isolating, the group provides an outlet for social interaction.”

Funded by DairyTas the group meets throughout the region, sometimes taking excursions to farms or training presentations. 

One of three Legendairy Women’s Groups in Tasmania, the north west group got together with Deloraine and Scottsdale at a gathering in Deloraine this year.

“It’s not much, but farming is such a central part of life for these women,” said Elizabeth.

“They are all hard working women living in similar circumstances, they understand each other.”

To become a part of the Legendairy Women’s Group, check out the Australian Legendairy Women’s Network in Tasmania on Facebook. 

The North West Legendairy Women’s Group meet on the third Wednesday of every month across the region to talk all things that make up life on a farm.