Little legends

Little legends

The Little Athletics committee are crying out for help to keep their club afloat.

Youngsters with an interest in athletics could be left out in the cold as Circular Head’s Little Athletics club continues to shrink.

A drastic decline in numbers over the last four years now means the club has shrunk to less than a third of its original size.

Committee numbers are also on the decline.

A few parents and young athletes have come out of the woodwork following a call to action on Facebook, but committee members Ali Dennison and Jess Tomlinson would love to see more young people continuing on with the sport.

“We’ve moved from Saturday mornings to Thursday afternoons,” says Jess.

“We’re hoping that will free up more people to have a go.”

Little Athletics is open to all kids aged between five and 15 and allows kids to try a little bit of everything track and field.

The season lasts for six months between October and March and works out to be less than $5 a session.

Even the littlies are welcome to have a crack, with tiny tots catering to three and four year olds for $30 a season.

Registered athletes also get the chance to head to Northern and State athlete meets to see if they have what it takes to mix it with the best of other clubs.

“None of the events are compulsory, but if the kids want to go the opportunity is there.” says Jess.

The first session for this year’s Little Athletics will be held at the Circular Head Little Athletics Centre on October 10, 5.30pm. To get involved, contact Ali on 0417 102 353 or Jess on 0418 375 572.

This pack of excitable young athletes hope to continue to hone their craft this season. Picture: Isaac Popowski.