Mongolia’s back paddock

Mongolia’s back paddock

Jocelyn Flint has always tried to highlight the most unique aspects of farm life in her photography, but a surprise trip to Mongolia in 2016 took her on an entirely different journey.

The trip was a tremendous adventure that took her through new mountainous terrains. Snapshots from her journey now make up a good portion of her exhibition at Time Out on Emmett.

Perhaps the most surprising part of her holiday, however, is its origin.

Jocelyn, creator of Mengha’s Back Paddock, absentmindedly entered a Facebook competition to win a 20 day Mongolian horseback tour.

“Like, share and comment it said. I thought I could at least do that.”

Much to her surprise, she received a message from the company and was offered the trip, which would take her all over Mongolia with just three other tourists, a cook, a translator and a tour guide.

She was skeptical at first, having scarcely left Tasmania and never travelled anywhere without her husband, known as ‘The Flint’, by her side.

Eventually deciding it was an opportunity too spectacular to refuse, she threw five cameras and one change of clothes into a bag, and off she went.

The trip was a phenomenal experience filled with surprising happenings and memories. 

Upon arrival the group spent a few days in the capital city Ulaanbaatar, before mounting horses and travelling north.

They were off to visit a group of reindeer herders that relied heavily on their stock to survive. The reindeer provided a source of transport, food, milk and clothing for the village.

The journey north was long, scenic and worth every kilometre. When the tour arrived, the people were very welcoming. Jocelyn could see the mountains of Russia over the trees.

“We were about 60 kilometres south of the border and a few of us wanted to head up there the next day to step on it.

“They weren’t happy with that. ‘Don’t do that, they’ll shoot you,’ they said.”

Jocelyn thoroughly enjoyed her time getting among the Mongolian culture with the reindeer herders, the tourists even sleeping on the floor in big tents with the locals.

“We shared our ‘ger’ with the pigs and the sheep one night, that was an interesting experience.”

To see photos from Jocelyn’s trip, as well as photos of her unique life on the farm, head toTime Out on Emmett until mid July.

Mengha’s Back Paddock’s Jocelyn Flint embarked on the journey of a lifetime on horseback in Mongolia, and now enjoys sharing the experience through treasured photos, up at Time Out on Emmett. Picture: Isaac Popowski.