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Robert Street worries

Robert Street worries

Margaret Street resident Ray Blazely is urging drivers to slow down on Robert Street. 

The Smithton local says traffic from Circular Head Child Care Centre is in a precarious position as cars come over the crest of the Robert Street hill at high speeds. 

“There are a lot of cars that come and go from this area,” he says. 

“It worries me to know children are in the backseats of cars . . . someone is going to get cleaned up.” 

Mr Blazely says he has seen several near-misses from vehicles edging out of the Margaret Street exit. 

“With winter time coming on, it gets very slippery on that hill,” he says of Robert Street. 

“Some come over the hill at 80 or 90 kilometres, it becomes very dangerous.” 

He says for vehicles exiting Margaret Street, the sharp angle forces drivers to turn in their seat for a clear view of oncoming traffic. 

Speed bumps slow vehicles entering Margaret Street from Emmett Street and Mr Blazely believes something is needed on Robert Street too. 

The concern has been broached with both Circular Head Council and Smithton Police. 

Smithton Police Acting Sergeant Shaun Cackett reminds motorists that in town the speed limit is 50 kilometres per hour unless otherwise signposted.

“Our road rules are there to protect everyone, especially our more vulnerable road users – our children, our older community and pedestrians,” he says. 

“Police conduct regular patrols of both urban and rural areas and those exceeding the speed limit risk being fined and the loss of demerit points.”

Smithton’s Ray Blazely is concerned an accident could be just around the corner on Robert Street. Picture: Ashleigh Force. 


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