Leading from the front

Leading from the front

The Circular Head Christian School Student Executive Council is looking to impact school culture this year. 

Increased participation, unity and school spirit are the three major goals for the team. 

Captains Jaiden Popowski, Jay Saward, Vaughan Blizzard and Hanna Watling are relishing their new roles and are motivated to lead by example this year. 

“We’re looking to increase participation across the board,” says Jaiden. 

“The culture’s changed, people don’t get involved in things like they used to.” 

The young leaders aim to build on the strong foundation laid by last year’s leadership team. 

“We came a long way last year as a team, everyone was really close and we worked well together,” says Jay.

Vaughan also spoke highly of last year’s senior executive team. 

“Our captains were really proactive . . . we need to be setting a similar example,” he says of graduated captains Nicholas Huisman and Isaac Popowski.

Leading the school is no small feat, with most of the student councillors balancing studies with work commitments. 

Carrying on pre-existing initiatives such as activities for the middle and junior schools and reading with grade two and three students, the SEC is also looking to establish new programs. 

A change in assembly structure will see the captains present a speech on the school’s new character trait at every major assembly in a bid to increase the public speaking capacity of the councillors. 

“It’s a real challenge, it’s hard to speak to such a wide range of people about such complex issues,” says Jaiden. 

“It’s hard to explain the concept of resilience to both a kinder student and their grandparents at the same time without losing the interest of either party.” 

The speeches provide valuable experience and practise ahead of the Anzac Day Dawn Service in Smithton later this month, at which two captains will be sharing. 

The Circular Head Christian School’s Student Executive Council for 2019 is (back from left) vice captain Hanna Watling, Emma Spinks, Lucas Popowski, Sam Spinks, captain Jaiden Popowski, vice captain Vaughan Blizzard, (front) Sarah Astell, Isabella Arnold, Indianna Tuxworth, Tiana Barker-Stokes and Oskana Popowski. Absent: captain Jay Saward. Picture: Isaac Popowski.