Filling with excitement

Filling with excitement

The final finishing touches are being put on the Smithton Wellbeing Indoor Recreation and Leisure centre with doors planned to open on May 11, according to Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam. 

The centre is now undergoing a complete fill test where the pool is filled to capacity to test the structural integrity. Once it passes, next steps include fit out and staff training.

The long-awaited opening was pushed back a few months following a series of setbacks last year, including bad weather and issues with plywood gussets.

But the community will have a chance to celebrate with a free open day in the July school holidays and for those keen to stickybeak, site tours will be offered at the beginning of May.

For now though there is plenty to admire: the roof is adorned with aqua-coloured sound-absorbers while the ground is covered with water safe carpet to dull the echo. 

Locally sourced woodchips will heat the pool water in a state-of-the-art woodchip boiler imported from Austria, one of the first of its type used for pool heating in Australia. 

To heat the water, solar pipes on the roof will do the job – while solar panels take care of most of the facility’s energy needs during the summer months.

Two of the former squash courts are now a large indoor exercise space, while the remaining two are open for play and easy to access via Swirl.

There are lockers available, as well as an accessible changeroom and three dedicated family changerooms.

To book a tour of the site or to buy a membership, head to

Smithton Wellbeing Indoor Recreation and Leisure centre, or Swirl, aquatic services manager Debbie Quilliam, Mayor Daryl Quilliam and centre manager Steven Stone are eager to open the doors of the new pool. Picture: Isaac Popowski.