Salt of the earth

Salt of the earth

Circular Head Tourism Association has launched a fresh brand to attract visitors from all corners of the globe. 

Premier Will Hodgman was in Stanley last Wednesday to meet with tourism stakeholders in unveiling the initiative. 

With tourism in Tasmania changing considerably in recent years, the association recognised a need to evolve its destination brand identity, established more than a decade ago. 

Engaging with Inspired by Marketing experts Kath McCann and David Inches last year, data was gathered to inform a new marketing plan for both interstate and intrastate markets. 

“Research enables us to understand our market more intimately,” CHTA president Clint Walker says. 

“We now have an informed, sound, contemporary approach to our marketing activity.” 

The new website and ‘Salt of the Earth’ branding approach derived from this research. 

“The website reflects some of the core values of the Tarkine,” CHTA member John Dabner says. 

“Aboriginal history and heritage, flora and fauna, and also the large temperate rainforests. 

“Of course, we’d be remiss if didn’t mention there is also production forest and mining within that region as well. We all work together – tourism and industry.” 

A refreshed logo along with advertisements will appear on television in the coming days, ahead of the Easter period. 

Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam says tourism in Stanley and the Tarkine has evolved to become one of the region’s most prominent industries. 

“I’m always proud of our region,” Mayor Quilliam says. 

“We have so much to offer for tourism. The natural aspect of tourism is really grabbing hold of a lot of people’s imaginations and with the Tarkine, that really comes to the fore.”

Premier Will Hodgman was in Stanley last week to check out Circular Head Tourism Association’s new branding approach. Picture: Ashleigh Force.