Greenhouse goodness

Greenhouse goodness

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation has prevented more than 1300 plastic bottles from going to landfill with an innovative new project.

Working with the Department of Jobs and Small Business’ Work for the Dole program, CHAC has constructed a greenhouse entirely from recycled or repurposed materials.

The Work for the Dole program provides not-for-profit organisations with an extra set of hands for various projects while job seekers meet participation requirements for income support. The latest addition to the community garden at Trawmanna was built by as many as 10 locals taking part in the program.

Repurposed bricks from the old Emmerton Park site form the base of the greenhouse along with old macrocarpa wood for the structure. Tent poles recovered from the Tasmania Fire Service base at Stanley during the 2016 fires line the plastic bottles, which were collected from the White Hills Waste Transfer Station.

A polystyrene cement floor made from mulched polystyrene, secondhand screen door and old roofing materials will complete the three by 2.5 metre greenhouse.

Work for the Dole supervisor Terrence ‘Dutchy’ Holland says the greenhouse will be used for propagation of native seedlings and cuttings to be planted on the Mella Road block.

Several participants went on to gain full time employment through the program. Many continued to volunteer their own time after to see the greenhouse come to fruition.

The finished project will utilise a wet and dry area with recycled roofing covering part of the structure and plastic bottles allowing ventilation and natural irrigation on the second half of the roof.

The next step is to construct shelving for the greenhouse with hopes to have seedlings in by spring.

Circular Head Aboriginal Corporation has completed five community projects with the Work for the Dole program, including the establishment of the community garden, fencing and propagation of native peppers at Trawmanna.

The Work for the Dole program is in partnership with the Salvation Army’s Employment Plus, My Pathways, and CVGT Australia.

The new greenhouse at Trawmanna was built by locals Andrew Ralston and Nicky Harrex (right) through the Work for the Dole program with supervisor Terrence ‘Dutchy’ Holland. Picture: Ashleigh Force.