Young Saints take win

Hockey. After a two-week break, Smithton’s U16s came up against Devonport at home.

Expecting to win, Smithton found scoring hard as the Devonport goalie repelled shot after shot.

Smithton’s defence of Connie Perry, Liam McLaren, Ben Forsyth, Elyse and Connor Poke stopped everything and set up countless opportunities for their forwards.

Sam Porteus-Smith and Royce Jackson tried hard to convert with direct shots, pass offs and deflections but nothing was converted, going into half time with the score nil all.

The second half started similarly with Perry and McLaren controlling play and putting Jackson and Callum Somerville into space moving forward.

Darcy Smith made good position on the post but Smithton was unable to score. A corner was forced and a fast sling out by McLaren and a good trap by Perry gave Porteus-Smith time to finally put a shot away and break the deadlock.

The ball remained in Smithton’s attacking half for the remainder of the match, and despite some excellent shots on goal Devonport were able to repel to keep Smithton to just one goal for the match.

This Friday night at 8pm, the Saints play Burnie Baptist Two Blues at Smithton.

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