Young Endeavour ship

Program. Applications are now open for the 2016 Young Endeavour Youth Development Program, which will see 24 youth set sail for an adventure at sea aboard the national sail training ship, Young Endeavour.

In 2016, Young Endeavour will sail in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland.

Participants will join each 11 or 12-day voyage, and will learn the skills to sail a square-rigged tall ship. They will keep watch and take the helm, cook in the galley, navigate using the ship’s charts, and climb the 30-metre mast to set and furl the sails.

Each participant will be encouraged to pursue personal and team goals and challenges. By the end of each voyage they will have the skills and confidence to elect a command team and take command of the 44-metre brigantine, sailing Young Endeavour along the Australian coast.

Youth Crew are selected by ballot, and no sailing experience is required. Young Endeavour is operated by a professional Royal Australian Navy crew who ensure the highest standards of safety and care, and teach the youth crew everything they need to know to sail the ship.

Applications for the ballot are open to young Australians aged 16-23.

First round applications close this Saturday (October 10). For more information visit

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