Wonderful events

Four wonderful things have happened in the Smithton area that I know of, no doubt more.

Treasure Chest moving into a larger building, most attractive and lots of clothes and goods that all can afford. As for the volunteers: beautiful, delicate ladies, who have given their time free for years, and no doubt there have been wonderful men doing the same.

Congratulations to Tall Timbers for the awards they have won in hospitality and I must go on their Tarkine bus trip, a day’s outing to enjoy nature.

I would also like to thank the Circular Head Council for the new bridge at Linnanes Road, Redpa.

After reading the local paper, the Circular Head Chronicle, I saw the Circular Head Christian School had a great evening of students performing skits, songs, etc. Thank you teachers and students.

Maida Innes-Smith, Smithton


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