Wishing away the winter blues

Makeover. While many would claim their winnings immediately, Smithton’s Tracey Blake is saving her Make Me Over prize for a rainy day.

“The winter time, it’s so long and awful – I should be used to them at this age – but I’ve just put a lot of thought into it and in the middle of July . . . what a wonderful thing do.”

Tracey won the Chronicle’s shopping competition following a purchase made at participating business Smithton Hair Care Studio during the March promotion.

Her prize includes a day of pampering and shopping followed by a photo shoot capturing the end result.

“I want to appreciate it. Winning this prize is just the ultimate ‘I’m going to feel beautiful’,” Tracey said, though laughs that her father calls it her upcoming ‘facelift’.

The mother-of-three finds it hard to choose which part of the package she is most looking forward to, whether it’s “feeling like a girl”, “trying on lots of clothes” or having her hair and makeup done.

“Our town’s so generous. I think people don’t realise what it [means] to live in a little town,” she said.

“I’m that excited, I can’t wait!”

The 46-year-old says a tough few years led her to study towards a career in health, becoming a nurse 12 months ago and now working at both Emmerton Park and the North West Regional Hospital in Burnie.

She now relishes in being happy.

Once she has been pampered, Tracey expects she will enjoy one of life’s simple pleasures.

“I would like to go to Bunny’s (Time Out on Emmett) and have a chai,” she said.

“If you feel good about yourself, I don’t think anything can go wrong.”

The Chronicle will feature Tracey’s special day in July.


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