Wind farm project progress

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Talks. UPC Renewables continues to investigate and collect data to inform the proposed Robbins Island and Jims Plain Renewable Energy Park project.

The renewable energy developer is also gathering feedback from community members through drop-in sessions held in Smithton.

A spokesperson for UPC Renewables said the consultation sessions have allowed locals to voice feedback. Environmental considerations, potential transmission line routes, and employment opportunities have been among topics of specific interest.

A privately owned, international renewable energy developer, UPC Renewables is working to establish a renewable energy park at Robbins Island and Jims Plain, near West Montagu. These projects will include wind turbines and may contain battery storage and a solar photovoltaic system.

At a cost of $1.5 million, UPC Renewables has installed four meteorological masts, each 112 metres tall. These masts as well as three mobile wind monitoring devices collect data to help better understand wind speed and direction at the project sites. The metrological masts will be monitoring for a minimum of 12 months but will likely then stay up until construction commences. The mobile devices will be used for around a year. 

The proposed projects are expected to cost up to $1.6 billion, including an initial cost of $13 million for development approvals, wind and solar monitoring, preliminary design and transmission connections. 

Construction at the Jims Plain site is expected to commence in 2020 before Robbins Island work begins the following year. Construction may see up to 300 people working on site and longterm operational roles could see up to 60 full time positions.

Further community sessions will be held in winter, to be advertised in the coming months.

For more information visit or to provide feedback, email

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