Whiz of wall street

Circular Head Council youth and community services officer Jodie Saville stands next to a particularly personal wall art, of her late father Geoff in his heyday. For this year’s ‘Art About Town’, Ms Saville is calling out to local artists to contribute to Smithton’s street art during the month of September. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

Scene. It’s almost ‘Art About Town’ month and to celebrate, organisers are calling on artists to put their talents to work in creating street art.

The annual Circular Head Council initiative was transformed into a month-long affair last year with the visiting aerosol artists from Street Art Murals Australia (SAMA) along with community contributors, bringing art to blank canvases.

This year, it’s all about adding to the vibe with more work from locals.

Youth and community services officer Jodie Saville said the walls would be an ongoing project, continually livening up the streets, promoting the region and celebrating art.

“We want to create something that brings art into our community and lasts into the future,” she said.

“We’d love for local businesses to volunteer their blank walls, and we’d love local artists to volunteer their skills and time.”

Artists will be given an allowance to cover their expenses.

Also happening during the month of September is the regular Art About Town youth art and photography competition, open to any Circular Head resident aged between 12 and 24.

The theme for this year’s competition is ‘Fire’ with artwork displayed in businesses around town.

The annual CHArtchibald portrait competition is also open for entries.

A classical/jazz concert is set to take place during the month, with a date yet to be confirmed.

Musicians interested in participating are encouraged to get involved by contacting Jodie.

Smithton High School’s production of Once Upon a Rhyme will be held in the school’s new gymnasium on September 8, 9, 15, 16, 22 and 23.

An artists’ retreat is to be held at Nelson Bay on Saturday September 10, while closer to Smithton, ‘Art Along the Esplanade’ is expected to take place the following week.

Organisers are also willing to include any other arts and cultural events under the ‘Art About Town’ banner during the month of September, if locals have anything they would like to contribute.

To get involved, contact Jodie Saville at Circular Head Council on 6452 4803.


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