Where’s Olly?

English staffy Olly with owner Frances Joyce is well-known around town for her cameos in murals aplenty. Picture: Ashleigh Force.

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Muse. An icon on the streets of Smithton, the tale of Olly will be new to many.

Loved by owner Frances Joyce and partner Tim Broom, two-year-old Olly is a mischievous but loyal companion.

As the subject of many a mural around town, the English staffy keeps a watchful eye on passersby, featuring in the ‘Where’s Olly?’ series.

“We’ve had such a big response,” says Fran, hearing stories of dogs stopping to sniff or bark at the stencil piece.

“She gets recognised when we go on walks around town, people say: you’re the dog in the murals.”

Renowned for his stencil art, Broom found inspiration in the playful pup, snapping away candidly as the first step in his process.

Affectionately named after Olivia Newton-John with the nickname ‘Olivia Newton-Dog’, you might say she knows her star qualities and so shies away from paparazzi.

Fond of long walks on the beach, she despises the rain and will play the diva card and pass up a walk if she see puddles out.

Olly’s hobbies include hanging out with her best buddies, bulldogs Jake and Bonnie as well as hanging out with her human siblings Inda, 17, and Aidan, 15.

“She’s constantly vying for their affection. She also gets into the kids like a real sister,” with playful fighting, says Fran.

She’ll be sure to let you know when she is feeling excluded from conversation with a short bark to draw your attention back to her.

Her favourite snack? Oddly enough, soldier crabs. Olly loves a walk across the Robbins Island crossing at low tide where she preys on the crustaceans without so much as a hiccup.

You can find the Where’s Olly? series in several spots around town, including Emmerton Park, but keep your eyes peeled as more are sure to pop up.


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