What about our clean, green brand?

Clever investment in the Circular Head brand and tourism instead of wind and salmon farms would potentially create more jobs for the entire community than these industrial and environmentally degrading proposals will limit.

Locally owned businesses based in tourism, agriculture and fishing all tend to converge and complement each other. They also offer meaningful employment.

Big corporations from outside do not invest for the good of our community as their economic model is to have high profit margins at lowest expense to them, whilst simultaneously driving an underclass of working poor.

A massive, ugly wind farm on Robbins Island and salmon industry expansion into this area will change the identity of Circular Head, clash with our beautiful natural assets, compromise already established wild fisheries and undermine tourism potential.

For the year ending in March 2017 tourist spending in Tasmania was $2.23 billion following a continuing upwards trend.

Circular Head could consider a cohesive economic vision that allows for our region to retain its beautiful natural assets which easily rival some of the more commercially driven iconic locations across our state.

Rebecca Tyers, Montagu


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