Western Explorer works

Roads. The Department of Infrastructure, Energy and Resources is progressing the reconstruction of the section of the Western Explorer Road affected by a landslip last year.

The design strategy includes lowering the road to reduce the risk of future landslip and rebuilding the road up gradually in layers.

DIER has stated it is committed to reopening the important route for north-west tourism as swiftly as possible. Public safety is paramount and all drivers must obey all regulatory road signage around the state, including road closures.

Road closure:

The Western Explorer Road is closed between Balfour and Longback walk.

The southern end of the road is closed approximately 10kms north of the Corinna junction with Corinna accessible via other routes and attractions just north of Corinna still accessible.

The northern end of the road is closed just south of the Balfour junction.

The road is being reconstructed in the area of the slip and will remain closed to traffic until it safe to allow traffic through the area.

DIER is hoping to re-open the road later in March and is committed to constructing a long-term solution and re-opening the road as soon as possible.


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