West mounts pressure on Saints

GNL. Tall Timbers Smithton Saints took on West Devonport at home this weekend.

In what should have been an easier match for the Saints men, West came out firing to score early in the game and set the tone.

The pressure was piled on the Saints defence for the majority of the game and mistakes in the circle allowed West to score a second.

Saint Kade Wooldrage was able to find the back of the net to bring the score back within reach but another goal from West sealed their first win of the season. Best players were Nigel Kingston, Joe Coombs, Nathan Johns and Hugh Dwyer.

The women’s game proved a tough day for the Saints as they hosted the strong West unit that is built around the talented Sammy Lawrence, a difficult player to contain.

Lily Nibbs was given the tagging duty, staying with her all match and managing to worry her out of many contests.

The game itself was off to a bad start however with West on the board with a scrappy goal inside the first minute. Another score five minutes later had the home team on the back foot but they were able to steady and keep the score at 2-0 at quarter time.

Smithton were forced to defend for much of the game, with the team’s backs and halves playing solidly and making the West forwardline earn every play.

Melissa Dodd, Melissa Stokes and Jandi Smith battled hard in the last line while Sh’kea Poke, Sonia Poke, Darcey Smith and Laura Korpershoek tried hard to get the ball to Abbey House, Zoe Groves and the other forwards but the experience of the West team made effective forward play difficult.

Kahla Enniss, Eliza Buckby and Farrah Henderson also battled hard also but in the end West won 6-0, being made to earn every goal in the process.

The Smithton Saints will face Queechy Penguins in Launceston in the next round of the Greater Northern League this Saturday (July 28).


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