Welcome to Stanley

Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam at the new welcome sign at Trethewies Lookout in Stanley. Picture: Tanya Boon.

Works. Circular Head Council installed a new welcome sign at Trethewies Lookout in Stanley on Friday, but according to Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam, it is just the beginning.

Cr Quilliam said council hopes to eventually replace the old wooden lookout structure that was recently removed. It also hopes to overcome the safety concern of people crossing the road.

“We found that people cross the road to get a photo,” he said. “That’s a bit of an issue, we don’t want people crossing the road.”

He said council had ideas of creating a bridge over that part of the Stanley Highway to serve as both a means of keeping tourists off the 80 kilometre an hour road; and as a lookout for the picturesque town.

But he said that was not something council was currently not concerned with. “[That is something we will look into] when more finance allows us to do more things.”

Cr Quilliam said the new sign was a great place to start. “We wanted something that we could build onto and I think what we’ve got is a jolly good start.”

The sign is four by two metres, made of polished concrete with stainless steel lettering and according to Cr Quilliam is contemporary, durable, in accordance with the Stanley branding and delivered within budget.

“It’s obviously different and we wanted to do something different,” he said. “I think it gives a great character.”


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