Weather destroys family home

Last Thursday Adam and Nicole Grey returned to their Marrawah home to find it roofless.

Disaster. After wild winds and rain, cooped up in their Arthur River shack, Nicole and Adam Grey returned home on Thursday only to find their Marrawah house had been destroyed.

The roof had been completely lifted off, roof insulation batts strewn over their Comeback Road property and the interior devastated by water.

The couple had been alerted of possible damage by Mr Grey’s brother, Heath, who called Thursday morning to say he had seen roofing iron on the paddock.

“As we drove in we saw all our yellow batts up in the trees and around the place, I said to Adam ‘that’s not good’,” Mrs Grey said.

“Most of the damage was from the rain that came in…when we opened the front door there was water running through the lights.”

She said after the SES and Bishop Construction arrived they began making holes in the water-logged ceilings, to save them from collapsing; and covering the roof up with spare iron, to stop the rain coming in. “They were up on the roof while it was raining,” Mrs Grey said. “They did an awesome job.”

“A heap of local volunteers showed up to help too. We had heaps of help…I think we had about 14 people the next day helping me pack and helping Adam pack.”

Mrs Grey said they were unlucky, because their house was the only one touched in the area.

“We’ve noticed a path [of destruction] that goes through the farm through to Redpa,” she said. “We were just unlucky.”

The couple were insured.

They are now living at their shack and expect to be living there for the next three to four months.

“It looks like they’re going to have to gut the place out.” She said most of the carpet has already been ripped up and now everything has to be dried. “A lot of our photos were soaked…all our electrical appliances are wet…[but] some of our furniture is okay.”

Seeing they have two young children, Mrs Grey said they are thankful they were not home when it happened. “Snow Neilson reckoned it would’ve been very loud…it would have scared the kids.”

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