We will remember them 

The Circular Head community marched united to Smithton’s Anzac Park on Monday April 25 to commemorate the sacrifices of our past and present service men and women. Picture: Jodie Saville.

Respect. As the sun crept over the Stanley Nut and the bugles sounded, the Australian and New Zealand flags flew at half mast and our thoughts were carried away to a foreign shore, to muddy trenches and desperate lives.

In commemoration of our past and present service men, women and animals, the community united at Stanley, Smithton and Marrawah on Monday April 25 to remember the sacrifices our Anzacs have made.

Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam travelled to all of the region’s main services along with Circular Head RSL president Jason Chatwin and buglers Barry Smith and Kelly Honess.

“It was a beautiful morning and with all of the services, I felt a good, relaxed atmosphere,” Mayor Quilliam said.

“It was a great day, I was a little concerned . . . after the excitement of the Centenary last year how the numbers would be. While they were down slightly I certainly think they were up on what they would have been before the Centenary.

“The amount of kids at all services was just fantastic, magnificent.”

Mayor Quilliam highlighted the importance of passing the Anzac message on to future generations.

“If young people don’t attend [Anzac Day services] they won’t actually understand that the freedom of our country isn’t because we’re just nice people, but that people like the Anzacs, and all soldiers, fought for our freedom.

“It’s also a part of the growing leadership of young people, it’s extremely important.

“All [services] mentioned [that] we don’t want to glorify war but remember; it’s more than the fighting but it’s the sacrifices we make, whether [soldiers] have lost their lives or returned to deal with issues, it’s important to remember all of those sacrifices.”

Applauding the combined Forest and Stanley primary schools choir for their performance at Stanley’s main service, Mayor Quilliam was also impressed by the manner of all who spoke at the proceedings.

“It was a great united atmosphere [everywhere].”

Following Smithton’s main service a presentation was held at the Circular Head RSL where the memorabilia cabinet was officially named the ‘Mick Shelly Memorabilia Room’ in honour of the late Michael Shelly, whose involvement extended to the Circular Head RSL Centenary Committee and Circular Head RSL House and Finance Committee.

Fellow Centenary Committee member Lizzy Gale said Mr Shelly was most deserving of the presentation.

“Mick is highly respected and dearly missed by everyone he has been on committee with and involved [with] at the RSL,” she said.

“It was a pleasure to have worked with him!”

Liberal Member for Braddon Joan Rylan spoke in Parliament on Tuesday March 8 of Mr Shelly’s contributions and achievements.

“It is testimonial of how dedicated and passionate he was,” Mrs Gale said of the acknowledgment by politicians.

Anyone wishing to donate wartime artefacts to the Mick Shelly Memorabilia Room is encouraged to contact the Circular Head RSL on 6452 1523.


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