We need to stand together: Mayor

Community. Circular Head Mayor Daryl Quilliam has today called for the community to stand together in the face of tough conditions.

“There is no denying times are tough for a range of reasons, but Circular Head is not alone in feeling the effects,” Cr Quilliam said.

“Our community is well known for its resilience and is always willing to lend a hand, so let’s work on this together to focus on the future.”

He said the Circular Head community had a lot of positives to look forward to. Namely, the recent Federal funding announcement seeing $17 million committed to Circular Head. “I firmly believe there is light at the end of the tunnel,” he said.

“The investment in Britton Timbers and Ta Ann alone should have a positive impact on our area.

“Coupled with this we should be proud of the various gains that we can make out of the gas pipeline extension from Port Latta to Smithton that will further enhance our ability to attract new investments to the area, as well as the recent re-approval of Shree Minerals’ mine.

Cr Quilliam said the council had worked with a number of community groups and businesses to help ensure the long term future of the Circular Head area.

He said it was these partnerships and the drive from the whole of community that will ensure that Circular Head is able to proudly move forward.

Cr Quilliam said there were a number of projects to look forward to, including:

• Van Diemen’s Land Company expansion;

• Conversion of land on Harcus River Road from primary production to dairy;

• Upgrade of the Stanley Wharf to assist Greenhams and King Island beef exports; and

• The upgrade of the Smithton wharf

Cr Quilliam said the council is here to advocate for and fight for the community. “So I make this call for community to support these various projects so that we can look forward to the future together.”


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