Water quality issue

Port. The Department of Health and Human Services is awaiting test analysis results before it can confirm if there has been contamination at the Stanley Port.

People are encouraged not to swim at the site

A Public Health Services spokesperson has said the Stanley Port is not a recreational water site.

“People should not swim in the Stanley Port or in other operational Tasmanian ports,” the spokesperson said.

“On Friday February 5, Public Health Services asked TasPorts to erect a sign reminding people not to swim in the port.

“Hydrocarbons (such as diesel fuel) may float on the water of ports and may irritate the skin or eyes of swimmers.

“Swimmers with symptoms should seek medical advice from their general practitioner.”

Public Health Services is taking water samples from the port to check for hydrocarbons. It is believed clay may also have been stirred up recently in the port’s waters.

At the time of reporting, it was stated that the results were expected towards the end of next week.


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