Water price petition

Service. A petition with over 350 signatures has been handed over to the Tas Water board, in the hope of having Circular Head’s water placed back with the local council.

In 2008, state legislation was passed as law to see three corporations and one service provider handle Tasmania’s water.

In 2013, those corporations merged to form Tas Water.

Smithton woman Pat Webb distributed the petition to local businesses, asking for a stop to spiralling water costs; to have meters read; and for honest and accurate accounts.

Mrs Webb says she knows she is not alone in being fed up. “I know how much anger there is out the in the community,” Mrs Webb said.

“I also think their billing system leaves a lot to be desired.”

A councillor from each of Tasmania’s 29 councils is appointed as a representative to liaise with the board, and Deputy Mayor John Oldaker is Circular Head’s member.

Cr Oldaker, along with other councillors met with Tas Water board members on Monday, and it was at this meeting that the petition was passed on.

According to Tas Water: “In 2006, a State Government review found that the prices charged for water and sewerage services did not cover the cost of providing water and sewerage services to all Tasmanians.

“The review also found that prices were generally too low to fund the new plant and equipment needed to meet acceptable standards in terms of safe drinking water, public and employee safety, and stopping sewage polluting Tasmania‚Äôs environment.”

Tas Water chairman Miles Hampton said the petition would be responded to in time.


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