Walking together

The Allsorts came together at the request of Judy King and have since been strong supporters of the Relay for Life.

Fundraiser. Show your support by walking, says Sue-ella Thorp ahead of this year’s Relay for Life event.

A member of The Allsorts, Sue-ella says the team has been walking since the first relay in 2008.

“We have had a team of all sorts of people walk each relay,” hence the name.

“Our group is primarily a bible study group that meets regularly and along with other family members and friends we have formed a solid team.

“Judy King was a member of our bible study group and she told us to form a group and be part of a relay and no one was brave enough to say no!”

A love of food has certainly strengthened the bond.

“Over the years we have held various fundraising events including cake stalls, morning teas, raffles, dinners, auctions and even a Mad Hatter’s tea party.

“You can see we love to cook and eat!”

Jokes aside, she says knowing the money raised stays in the community, to fund the Transport to Treatment vehicle and support local cancer sufferers, has been the main driver of the team.

“Our group has certainly been touched by cancer but we also have found a strength and a bond between our members that makes us stronger and more committed to fight back against this disease.

“We would like to encourage others both young and old to be part of Relay for Life to show your support for all the people who have had, those who do have, and for those who will have this terrible disease.

“Cancer does not choose any specific type of person to attack but by walking just a few steps around the oval at Relay for Life shows we do support everyone – sufferers, carers, family and friends affected by it.

“Don’t be frightened to be a part of the relay just because you have not done any great fundraising activity – any amount, even $1 will help.

“Showing your support by being a part of Relay for Life is far more important.”

The late Judy King OAM introduced the Relay for Life to Circular Head, the year after she and her fellow Circular Head Bosom Buddies walked from Smithton to Hobart raising close to $150,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation. She was also the founder and volunteer driver for the Transport to Treatment vehicle.

The 2018 Relay for Life is to be held at the Smithton Recreation Ground on the weekend of March 17 and 18.

Keeping true to their sweet name, delicious treats are a central theme to The Allsorts’ fundraising efforts.


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