Voice for Circular Head

Federal Member for Braddon Justine Keay celebrates the weekend’s by-election result surrounded by Labor colleagues.

Labor. Re-elected Federal Member for Braddon Justine Keay said she remained committed to doing the best job possible for the Circular Head community.

“From back in 2016 when I first began campaigning it was clear there were a number of local issues in the district that needed addressing,” Ms Keay said on Wednesday.

“I was pleased to lead the way in 2016 with policy announcements for the Circular Head Community Wellbeing Centre and Bass Highway improvements.

“During the recent by-election campaign it was once again Labor that led the way by announcing $60 million for Bass Highway work between Marrawah and Wynyard.

“It was pleasing that several weeks later the coalition matched Labor’s commitment which meant that no matter who won the election these much needed road safety improvements will take place.”

Ms Keay said she will now be seeking answers from the government on the project’s timelines to ensure it is delivered as soon as it can be.

“An improved Bass Highway supports local economic growth and also increased road safety for the local community.”

The re-elected federal member said she will also continue to put pressure on the government to improve local mobile phone reception.

“Labor has a policy to work with the Circular Head Council and community to identify and prioritise mobile phone black spots.

“Increased connectivity is becoming increasingly important for local farmers and is equally important for a growing tourism industry.”

Another priority is to push to reinstate the former Tazreach program that allowed for medical specialists to visit regional communities.

The by-election was announced following Ms Keay’s resignation from the House of Representatives in light of the High Court’s dual citizenship decision.

Ms Keay paid tribute to all candidates who put themselves forward during the by-election.

“Every person that stood for election is passionate about our region and should be congratulated.

“I recognise many candidates achieved strong levels of support from Circular Head and as the re-elected federal member, I remain prepared to genuinely listen to and respect all views.

“I shall also continue with my regional mobile offices visiting smaller towns to be as accessible as I can to the Circular Head community.”


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