VDL wind damage

Update. The extent and cost of wind damage at Woolnorth is still to be assessed, with several buildings expected to be demolished.

Van Diemen’s Land Company managing director Trevor Westacott said that asbestos had been scattered around the homestead and a company had been engaged to complete assessment for its safe removal.

One family had to be relocated to another home, but the farm’s operations have not been significantly affected.

Hit worst by the 150 kilometre-per-hour gusts of wind on May 10 was the 1860s jail house/store, which had its roof stripped off and part of a brick wall blown over.

Other farm buildings, stables and the main office were also affected. The Cook House Cottage, built in 1832, was untouched.

In other news, the company has appointed a new chief executive officer in David Beca, presently head of Farmland Management of Insight Investment in the UK.

Mr Beca will assume the position in July.

Mr Westacott will remain a non-executive director.

VDL operates 26 dairy farms milking 18,000 cows in the Circular Head area, making it Australia’s single largest milk supplier.


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