Users to pay for water

Council. Sporting groups and other users of Circular Head Council premises will now have to chip in to pay for any water used.

At the council’s last monthly meeting, councillors adopted the Draft Water Consumption Contribution: Non-Profit Community Groups Utilising Council Premises Policy, whereby users are asked to make a 70 per cent contribution to cover water consumption costs.

Circular Head Council Financial Services executive manager Rachel Mallinson said, “Historically, water and sewerage services were provided by the council”.

She said to some extent the services were subsidised, and in some instances water consumption and connections were not metered. Since Cradle Mountain Water, now Tas Water, took over, un-metered outlets were identified and meters put in place.

In correspondence sent to the council, sporting group representatives aired their concerns about already struggling clubs and how the usage charges would be split between groups.

Ms Mallinson said, “That’s up to the user bodies as to how they divide

the accounts up between the users.

“We’ll have conversations with each organisation affected and try to assist any way we can.”

She said the likely maximum cost for any particular building is about $1000 worth of usage per year.

Councillors Rodney Hardy and Betty Kay voted against the new policy.

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