Unsavoury behaviour

Forest man Crighton Horton asked for me to be stood down as a councillor for supposed unsavoury behaviour.

May I remind Mr Horton that I was elected with .62 of a quota with a miserable 214 votes; the deputy mayor polled 216 and I was elected as the sixth councillor, not the last.

What he referred to again is Facebook where I write jokes, which if read in their proper context instead of political correctness are not “racial slurs” or “sexist” as he stated, but simply jokes.

The old adage is if my name appears you are not compelled to read it, it’s your decision.

As to “vilifying businesses” once again Mr Horton is incorrect. I wrote that I was being ripped off by one business and yes I did tell the owner what I thought was appropriate.

As to leadership referred to, recently with 15 minutes’ notice I attended to a problem for Mr Horton at Forest with regard to storm water being directed across his father’s property. No, not his property!

What other councillors attended this meeting I might add? Nil!

So if that is not leadership, I fail to see what is.

Cr Rod Hardy, Stanley


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