Two draws, one penalty stroke

CHHA. Round six of Circular Head Hockey Association began with Robins Three and Irishtown Two taking to the turf.

Robins took control of the game from the outset with their impenetrable structure troubling Irishtown. Elyse Poke and Jenny Poke formed constructive play in the midfield to carry through to the forwardline where Laura Carins, Nic Mann and Sasha Davies pushed into offence confidently.

Repelling the chargers, Irishtown’s backline of goalkeeper Joan Reid, Judy Johns and Bec Burley swung play back into the midfield for Emma Spinks, Abbey House and Amanda House to hassle the opposition.

By half time, both sides had failed to impact the scoreboard.

Robins broke the deadlock during the second half when Teri Nicholls snuck past the goalie. Soon after, a scrimmage behind Robins goalkeeper Rene Hulbert saw a penalty corner forced which was swiftly converted by Irishtown’s Alex Mainwaring.

Scores tied to see the game out, 1-1.

The round’s second game also resulted in a draw, with Tigers Three and Mustangs Two battling for dominance.

An even first half saw both sides working hard before Tigers’ Irene Grey slotted in the first. Mustangs retaliated with goals from Alissa Piers and Tenille Scott to earn the lead into half time.

The tight contest continued into the second half before Tigers’ Melissa Dodd equalled scores. Mustangs’ Mercede Quilliam pushed the margin ahead once again before a goal from Grey finished the game, 3-3.

The round’s final match saw Irishtown Three gain a victory over Mustangs Three. Irishtown’s Monty Enniss, Paige Ferguson, Chenoa Enniss and Sarah Furze claimed the side’s goals while Mustangs’ Farrah Henderson also secured one.

Round seven will see Tigers Two and Irishtown Three begin proceedings from 9.30am this Saturday (May 6) before Robins Three and Mustangs Two, then Irishtown Two and Mustangs Three.

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