Truly inspiring region

‘Artist in Residence’ Dean Stevenson, of the University of Tasmania’s Cradle Coast campus, drew inspiration from Circular Head for his new composition Facing North. 

Composition. Inspired by the solitude and richness of the north-west coast, Facing North implores its audience to seek the wonders of Tasmania.

Composed by Dean Stevenson, who is the University of Tasmania’s Cradle Coast campus 2016 ‘Artist in Residence’, the full orchestral piece will debut in Burnie next year.

Performed by local musicians, choirs and orchestras, Mr Stevenson described how the piece will travel through several rooms, flowing from one musician to another.

Of his inspiration, Mr Stevenson cited the north-west coast’s landscape – in particular Cape Grim – and industrial and warfare history.

“I think that isolation creates innovation,” he said of his thought process.

Facing North asks the rest of the state to look north to the richness of the north-west coast.

“It is an extraordinary piece of land.”

Basing himself in Hobart, Mr Stevenson has frequented Circular Head and in particular Stanley, as part of the Artist in Residence program.

“The community has been involved at all points of the process,” he said.

“The process has been an ongoing highlight, however the heart for me is really engaging with the quantity and quality of musicians that are on the north-west coast.”

Facing North is set to debut at the Burnie Civic Centre in March next year and will feature local musicians.

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